The implementation of the International Guidelines for Welded Structural Designer Training – IWSD, is a Transfer of Innovation Project, funded with support from the European Commission (Proj. Ref.: LLP-LDV-TOI-2012-RO 024) and realized in cooperation with partners from Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria and Romania. All partners jointly cover the expertise needed in order to successfully implement the project goals. All of them are recognized organizations with training activities and experience in welding and material testing activities, including design.

Training and qualification activities among European countries present significant differences, especially for post-graduating courses. The IIW cooperation with institutes, societies  and enterprises from different  countries allowed the start of new qualifications who, at the time being are also referred and requested in different standards (EN ISO 3834, EN ISO 14731 etc.). The implementation of a harmonized system in the field of welding is unique, no other qualification having such a broader recognition. This process had to continue its implementation to all activities, including design. This proposal may be considered as the development of a common and harmonized way for acquiring knowledge and improving competencies between European member countries. The target group refers to people acting in the field of design (ex.: construction design, welding design, mechanical design) after University graduating, the course being considered as a post-graduating course.

The results of the iQSim project, regarding design, development and testing of a flexible and multifunctional training environment will also be used. It includes also the needed training methodologies, techniques and instruments, which support the learning process. Furthermore, the project takes into consideration the trainers need to monitor and guide the learning progress when working in such an environment. Thus, the transfer of this project results will be a clear added value to the present proposal. The Methodological Guide produced by iQSim project will be a valuable tool for developing the specific training guideline and the realization of the pilot course materials of the present proposal.

Therefore, the best conditions are created to enhance the iQSim successful results to new countries and organizations. From a sectorial point of view, the transfer of innovation will be from one industrial sector (oil and gas) to general mechanical engineering.

From a geographical point of view, it is important to point out that neither Romania was involved in the iQSim project partnership, or the other project partners, so that this project gives a broad geographical transfer of the original results. The selection of the candidates to be accepted for the pilot courses will have as principle first came first served. This principle was previously used for other activities and provided the best results from all the used ones.

Proj. Ref.: LLP-LDV-TOI-2012-RO 024