Activities and Results

Work-package Duration WP Leader
WP1 – Industry Requirements Month 1 to Month 3 (11/2012-01/2013) ISIM
WP2 – Development of Guideline Month 3 to Month 18 (01/2013-03/2014) HCR
WP3 – Educational Materials Month 5 to Month 20 (03/2013-06/2014) KTH
WP4 – Organization of pilot-courses Month 18 to Month 22 (04/2014-08/2014) IMS
WP5 – Evaluation of pilot-courses and exam database Month 20 to Month 24 (06/2014-10/2014) UPT
WP6 – Dissemination. Project management Month 3 to Month 24 (01/2013-10/2014) ISIM

The implementation of a project Quality plan includes:

  • detailed description of all activities
  • cooperative efforts in the development of each task (all will be involved in the assignment and reviewing)
  • detailed planning of all activities
  • establishment of procedures for assigning tasks and reporting progress of activities
  • establishment of procedures for contracting and financial reporting, billing and payments
  • meetings with partners to establish good communication and understanding of the project and planning and monitoring the tasks to be carried out
  • monitoring progress of activities and check on intermediate and final results quarterly by partner reports on activities against the planning

The Quality management plan checklist contains: confirmation of the aims of the WPs, check on the feasibility of the aims, check on the time schedule, confirmation of the tasks of the WPs, establishment and agreement on the working methods and techniques, check on the outcomes and results against expected results.

The dissemination activities as well as the training workshops will represent opportunities for an external evaluation of the quality and impact of the project. The feedback and comments received during these activities will allow implementing backup strategies whenever relevant, making sure that the needs of the target groups and users are being addressed.